On Tuesday, June 23rd, you will begin to notice a new look within our online banking interface and new tools within the SouthWest Bank mobile app. With the updated look and new features, you will be able to do even more from your digital device!

You will still access your accounts in the same way and all usernames and logins will remain the same.

Once you log in to online banking, you will notice an enhanced look with additional features and functionality, very similar to the SouthWest Bank mobile app. You will now have a seamless digital experience whether you are logging in on your computer, mobile device or tablet.

Please review the frequently asked questions below and don’t hesitate to contact the CRC with any questions at 432-552-5000.

Here’s a Preview:

This is a sample of the main accounts landing screen. A simple menu allows you to find the same familiar features you use today.

Move Money:

Move Money is the central location for accessing anything money movement related to functions such as transfer, payment, and paying bills.

If you would like to see more, feel free to access our demo site here.

With this update to internet banking and the updates within our mobile app, you will soon have a seamless digital experience whether you are logging in on your PC, phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I log in on June 23, 2020?

Access the Online Banking login on the bank’s homepage as you do today. Your user credentials remain the same.

Q: Do I need to set up accounts or bill pay again?

No, the same accounts, payees, and scheduled transaction are all still available. Your account entitlements have not been modified as we migrate to the new look for Internet Banking.

Q: Where do I go to access bill pay?

For users with bill pay, all money movement activity for transfers, payments, and bill pay will be in the Move Money section of the menu.

Q: Are statements accessible electronically?

Yes, visit the documents section to find or register for electronic statements.

Q: Can I access this on a mobile device?

Yes, the look will be consistent across all devices with this update.

Q: What are some of the new features I can use?

The menu structure will be your main form of navigation.
Here are a few highlights to try:

  • Personalize your experience by clicking your name in the menu to manage settings.
  • Create Goals and manage your spending within the Budgets section.
  • All account searches can be initiated by choosing the magnifying glass on the main accounts screen.
  • Schedule days and times for your debit card to be turned off/on.
  • Enter travel dates and destinations to ensure your debit card continues to work when you're away.
  • Activate a new debit card and/or change your PIN number.
  • Deposit multiple checks at once (mobile app on only).