We’ve Got You Covered

Have a partner on the ground to properly manage your farm, ranch, or mineral interests. SouthWest Bank can help you maintain your income stream and relieve your burden with hands-on supervision and administration services.
Our dedicated property management team includes a West Texas farmer with decades of first-hand industry experience. SouthWest Bank will support your property management needs in the following ways:

  • Ensure compliance with the latest USDA/FSA regulatory changes
  • Assist with inspections
  • Act as a liaison with tenants
  • Provide hands-on supervision and administration services
  • Help you maintain your income stream

Certain investment products, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are not FDIC insured. They are not an obligation or deposit of, nor guaranteed by, SouthWest Bank. These products may involve investment risk and may lose value.

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