Business Express Checking

Designed for our small business customers that have a lower transaction volume*. Open today with as little as $250 and enjoy no service fee for the first month. Avoid a monthly service fee of $17.00 with a balance above $1,500.

*Limited to 150 transactions (all debits, withdrawals, and deposits combined) per statement cycle. An excessive transaction fee of .50 cents per transactions over 150.

Commercial Checking

Backed by SouthWest Bank’s promise to do more— with just $250 to open, and unlimited transactions, our Commercial Checking account has an earnings credit to help you keep more money in the bank. A monthly service charge is based on an account analysis that features an earnings credit* which is applied to reduce or eliminate fees on the account.

*If the earnings credit exceeds the fees for any statement cycle, you will be assessed no fees, but you will not be paid, carry forward, or otherwise receive credit for any excess earning credit. The earnings credit will be calculated by applying the periodic earnings credit rate to the average daily collected balance in the account for the statement cycle.

Association Checking

Available exclusively to civic clubs and unincorporated associations, an Association Checking account through SouthWest Bank features a flat monthly service charge of $7, no minimum daily balance and unlimited transactions. Open today with just $250.

Non-Profit Checking

Continue making a difference in the community with a Non-Profit Checking account from SouthWest Bank. With no minimum daily balance requirements and unlimited transactions, you can stretch your non-profit dollars further. $250 is required to open, as well as enrollment in eStatements (paper statement fee is $5.00 per statement cycle).

Compare Business Checking Accounts

Account Type

Business Express

Commercial Checking

Association Checking

Non-profit Checking

Minimum to Open $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00
Interest Paid No No No No
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charge $1,500.00 No Minimum Balance Required No Minimum Balance Required No Minimum Balance Required
Monthly Service Charge $17.00. Limited to 150 transactions (all debits, withdraws, and deposits combined) per statement cycle. Excessive transaction fee of $0.50 per transaction will be charged if you exceed 150 transactions. Monthly Service Charge by Analysis*** $7.00 Electronic statements are required. Paper statements will have a $5.00 fee per statement.
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